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Find Minecraft servers in our list of new and popular servers. Use the user-friendly interface with filters by versions, mini-games, mods or plugins to choose the most suitable server for your criteria. Read and leave reviews, view statistics, share with friends and vote for your favorite server to help other players choose the TOP servers that are in the first rows of our list. Copy the IP address and immerse yourself in an exciting online game for cooperative play with players around the World.

Minecraft Server List

Deine Zweite Dimension
Join the dankest SMP on the West Coast.
Pizza SMP
The best 1.19 Bedrock Anarchy experience
open the game
Free For All Java+Pe
The Custom Built SMP
SMP - 18+ - New Launch - Whitelisted - 1.17.1
A fun cracked pixelmon server
SMP No Mods or plugins Cracked
**Age 16+** Vanilla server, with some plugins, that keeps the players in mind
The only Desert you'll leave wanting more
Everyone is welcome...from1.18.1 to 1.7 and also Bedrock players
Come Join the Phantom Fam!
1.19 No Rules SMP
What is a Minecraft Server?

Minecraft Server is a Minecraft playground where players from all over the World can connect for a common game. Each server sets rules and various modifications to make the game interesting and fun for other players. The most popular modifications are Survival, Roleplay, Bedrock, etc.

What is the Minecraft Server List?

Each player wants to choose a server according to his needs and preferences, because there are many servers with different modifications, mini-games or plugins. To choose the most comfortable server, you just need such a list where you can find out the rating of servers from other players and choose a server for yourself.

Do you have your own Minecraft server?

To let other people know about your server, add it to our list for free. Share links to vote for the server to raise it to the TOP and your server will be able to see thousands of potential players. We also have paid services available that will help attract the attention of an even larger audience

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